LABLABO has developed the first Airless with a large pouch capacity, 400ml & 500ml, refillable.

The result of a collaboration between the Alvadiem beekeeping dermo-cosmetics laboratory and the Possible Future firm, LABLABO, an Airless pouch specialist for more than 50 years, presents its Select 400ml & 500ml innovation at the Luxe Pack 2023 trade show.

The Airless pack Select 400ml & 500ml offers different refill possibilities.

It is possible to refill the pouch and reuse the pump and the bottle (Option 1), or to refill the pouch and the bottle and only reuse the pump (Option 2), or to prefer option 3, with a welded pump and therefore non-refillable.

The Select 400ml & 500ml airless pack is offered with different options:

  • A cap to clip onto the pump pusher
  • A first use indicator

This airless pack is refillable with a PE pouch.

It is customizable with screen printing.

With 4 refills, the Select 400ml pack reduces the plastic content by up to 56% and is recyclable.

SELECT 400ml & 500ml is very easy to use and does not require special machines for filling.

The ultra-power pump allows use for very high viscosity creams and it also works with gel or liquid and its restitution rate goes beyond 97%.



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