Lablabo completes its Baïa range range with a new size: 15ML


LABLABO presents a new size in its airless pouch range: Baïa 15ml. 

Baïa 15ml is available in 2 pump doses: 0,25ml and 0,5ml.

The Baïa 15ml format is available in a PE pouch or Alu pouch version (multilayer complex). 

Simple packaging in an atmospheric line without air vacuum.

Available in a 30% recycled and 30% biobased (without any contact with the formula).


Baïa 15ml is a recyclable pack in the PP channel.

Its pump allows the distribution of high viscosity creams, optimal restitution (> 90%), a very high dosing precision and a perfect dose accuracy.

There are now three sizes in the Baïa range:

15ml, 30ml and 50ml.



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